What is 402-935-7733

If you have been constantly receiving notifications on your credit card statement which includes a number unfamiliar to you, you might probably wonder why there’s such number on your history.

Well, don’t freak out yet! If you have PayPal, then the number that you see—which is 402-953-7733—is their customer service number. But what does it mean when it appears on your history? To know if this is something you should worry about, take a look at our brief explanation below.


What does 402-935-7733 mean?

This number naturally appears when you made transactions via PayPal with your credit card or debit card. Also, there’s a likelihood that you will see this in the event that you have set auto-charge or auto-debit to your PayPal account but no sufficient fund.

So, what they do is to debit this in your enrolled card. It’s not something you should be wary of. But, do not also be complacent for it might also be used to scam you and get money from your bank. 

The good thing with PayPal is that they allow disputes and complaints. However, if you’re about to take an action for everytime you see the number 402-935-7733, those transactions which are legal, in its sense, will also be reported. So, to save yourself from the repercussions of fraudulent claim, here are some tips.

The first thing you need to ask yourself are these questions: 

  • Have I made any online transaction in the past days, weeks, or month?
  • Do I have subscriptions that I pay monthly, quarterly, annually, or in any period?
  • Did someone I know borrow my card?
  • Have I given my card details to someone I know of?
  • Did I donate money to some organizations?

Have you encountered BlueStack Download Pending Error and have no idea how to fix it? Read this.

If you can remember these things, then you can report if you notice any unusual transaction on your card statement. Another thing which you should ascertain is whether you have enough balance on your PayPal account when you make the purchase. If you think you have committed this mistake in the past, make sure to check your balance before you buy online. 

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How to Fix Bluestacks Download Pending Error

Have you encountered a “Bluestacks Download Pending” error? You stopped the download and tried, but that does not work.

Having the same issue over and over again is kinda frustrating. Fortunately, there are methods you can do to fix it and that’s what I am going to show you today!

Bluestacks Download Pending

I actually want to cover two things here. The first one is the pending download on your browser (while downloading Bluestacks) and pending download on Bluestacks (on downloading apps).

The error you just encountered can be easily fixed. On the methods below, choose the one which works best for you. Feel free to try everything and we’ll give you more tutorials on Code of Honor 2 Game website.

Fix Bluestacks Download Pending Error

On downloading Bluestacks

There are three easy methods I want you to try to get rid of Bluestacks download pending error. These methods will require you some few steps so please follow them carefully.

#1. Stop and repeat downloading.

This is the easiest method you can do to continue the download process. When you are installing large files such as Bluestacks, there will be errors which you cannot avoid and one of them is the pending of the download.

To do this, just go to your browser’s download history and stop downloading. Sometimes it also occurs when there are many downloads on the queue. So, stop all the downloading files and queue them one at a time.

#2. Check your internet connection.

Large files like Bluestacks need to be downloaded when there’s a stable internet connection. When your internet is slow or goes on and off, it is possible to have pending downloads.

Before you start to download bluestacks, check whether your data is enough to get a very large file. In that way, you can download Bluestacks without any interruption.

#3. Clear your browser’s cache.

This method is a common solution when you are having problem with the behavior of your browser. If your browser is loaded with data especially the old ones, it would not be able to read anymore data unless you cleaned it. To do that:

  • Go to your browser’s settings, scroll down and click Advanced. This is for Google Chrome browser.
  • Find the option for Clear Browsing Data.
  • Clear your browsing history, cookies and cache and set the time range to “All Time.”
  • Then, repeat the process of downloading Bluestacks.

Trying all these methods will fix the error of pending download. Now, let me go to the next issue.

Downloading from Google Play Store

What if the Bluestacks download pending error happened when you are installing apps from the Google Play Store? The same issue but on different tool.

The same methods will apply even if the error occurred inside Bluestacks and while you are downloading applications. Try these solutions.

  • Open your Google App Store and check whether you have any other pending downloads.
  • Stop everything and repeat the process. Or again, try to download apps one at a time.
  • When the error still occurs, check your internet connection. Turn it off and on, and see if the download continued. Before turning of your internet, make sure you stopped all the downloading apps.
  • If it has not been fixed, clear the data of Google Play Store. Go to your device settings and look for the Apps option. Find Google Play Store, click on it and tap Clear Data.


If you tried all the above methods, you should be able to fix Bluestacks download pending error. If none of those worked for you, please let me know so I can help you. There are many alternative solutions to try, but I have given you the easiest ones.